mWatermark is a project that can be used to add a signature to an image, or to simply add a note to it.
For low values of bit depth, the watermark is invisible to the human eye, and can still survive some image manipulations. The idea is to create a good enough algorithm, which is able to survive all possile manipulations to the image.
Right now, the watermark can still be detected after jpeg compression or gif compression, and after image size changes.

Current Status of the project:
Project development is currently on hold.

Current features already developed:
  • Customizable watermark parameters (bit depth, density, fingerprint)
  • Two different watermark techniques:
  • Low impact/weak reliability watermark
  • Medium impact/strong reliability watermark

To be developed:
  • Improved user interface
  • Improved detection accuracy

Current version: mWaterMark-0.1.2b
Next release: mWaterMark-0.1.3